Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Again, But This Time In Song

One day, a friend told me that if I liked Harry Potter, I absolutely had to watch the Very Potter Musical. (I actually linked to it a while ago on the blog, if you want to watch. I recommend it.)

Well, the Very Potter Musical is a fan musical, but it's certainly not the only musical that's been based on a books. There's, of course, the incredibly famous Wicked which is based, though not too closely, on a book of the same name. There is also Little Women: The Musical, which I have previously mentioned on the blog, not to mention a musical based on Jekyll and Hyde.

While many people have opinions on books becoming movies, most people don't consider the possibility that their book might become a musical.

I'm not sure how I'd take something like that. I'd certainly be flattered to have someone express that sort of interest in anything I wrote, but on the other hand, I'm not sure how I'd react to the changes the creators would doubtless have to make to suit the medium. Though, I won't lie, I'd be interested to see what kind of songs my characters would get.

How would you feel about someone turning your work into a musical? How do you feel about musicals (or, you know, straight up plays) based on books?


  1. I'm kind of thinking Pirates of Penzance if they ever wanted to turn my book into a musical.

    I love musicals, have a lot on DVD. I think they're fun. And my Small One loves them too, thank you Walt Disney.

  2. Living in Alaska I don't have the opportunity to see many shows, but overall I adore Broadway productions. And seriously, the only reason I know the story of Les Miserables is from seeing the show!

  3. I think having my work as a musical would be interesting. I always listen to music while I write/edit/get inspired and it would be interesting to see how someone else would tie music into scenes.

    Of the musicals based on books I've seen, I've loved them!

  4. My story would be hilarious as a musical... I really enjoyed this post. It reminded me to not take myself so seriously. thanks:)

  5. I'm okay with plays and musicals--though I'm pretty sure they'd never make one out of my book. ;)

  6. Piedmont -- Yes, musicals are a great deal of fun. So is Pirates of Penzance. I'm sure a musical based on your book would be very charming.

    Stephanie -- I think most people in America wouldn't be too familiar with Les Miz if it weren't for the musical. (A fabulous musical, if I do say so myself.)

    Windy -- I concur, it would probably be interesting.

    Roxy -- I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

    L.T. Elliot -- Well, you never know. I wouldn't have expected Wicked to become a musical, but it did and took off like a house on fire. So, you could be surprised.