Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's Your Bag?

A while ago, probably when she realized that I'd given up sleeping to read some semi-addicting fanfiction (yes, I used to read that), my sister (a.k.a. The Other One) informed me that if someone wrote a series, I could be addicted to it.

Much as it generally pains me to admit it, The Other One wasn't wrong. I tend to read books that come in series, and I tend to read the whole series. I've read all of -- The Twilight Saga; Harry Potter; Midnighters; The Pit Dragon Trilogy; The Uglies Trilogy; the Hollow Kingdom Trilogy. I've also read the first three Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, with the fourth and fifth in my To Read stack, and 4/5 of the Wicked Series, which I thought was a tetrology (weird story that).

I think we can establish that that's my 'type,' as it were. Hello, I'm Me, and I am a Series addict. Maybe it's because I don't like to see the characters I loved go. Maybe it's because I can't bear the fact there's a part of the story that I'm missing (I do so hate not to be in the know on things). Either way, I think I've found a real trend here.

How about you? What's your 'type' in the book world? Do you have a 'type' irrespective of genre?


  1. Oh, I'm totally a series girl. Nothing wrong with wanting to spend time with the characters you've invested time in, right?

  2. Irrespective of genre, I generally am a series gal too. I like the progression of the characters. Especially if they're young when they start and grow up by the end ie. Harry Potter.

    In my genre, I really try to read all the books written for the series because of the complexities of the characters and what happens to them ie. will they find "the one."

  3. ha! I think the series thing is so hard to escape. I keep saying to myself I'm not going to read a series until all the books are out. Like the Mortal Instruments. Then Cassandra Clare announces a 4th. You can't get away even if you want to!

  4. This is funny because my co-worker was just complaining to me yesterday about how she hated that she always got addicted to series. I've never been that way. But then again, I avoid series because I'm afraid of the addiction. I realize, though, that I love when magic stuff happens in an otherwise realistic story, like one I read in Glimmer Train once about another dimension that was happening behind a television screen. I like the idea of having these magical dimensions appear in the real world.

  5. I love a good series but I tend to find myself reading only single books. I don't like series and how they take up your time or how people should've left them as only one book. But insisted they delude the story until your having a snooze fest but your still reading because you want to know the end.

  6. My tastes are all over the place. I was addicted to the Harry Potter series, waiting for each new book to come out. I'm loving The Hunger Games series. But I also love literary fiction, and books that make me think. My faves always have a character that undergoes an enormous transformation from beginning to end.

  7. L.T. -- Absolutely nothing wrong with that :)

    Piedmont -- I concur. Watching characters grow and get what they've been seeking (especially if they've been seeking it for a long time) is very enjoyable.

    Windy -- Well, she's got you sucked in. Maybe that's not so bad a thing. Hope you enjoy it. :)

    Davin -- The magical dimensions do sound like an interesting idea. Especially one behind a tv screen. I'll never think of them the same way again. And now I'm wondering if there's one in my laptop. Hmmm...

    Xoxo -- I think you've a valid concern about some series books. If the author stretches the story too thin to make it last for another book, they'll suck the fun out of the experience. The series should, in theory, be composed of all good books.

    Nicole -- I like character transformations, too. They're interesting to watch and relatable in a lot of ways.

  8. Wow, interesting! I'm not a series girl, usually, but I do like them. Not addicted by any means, though. I think my type of book is literary, no series, one I want to read again and again to discover new meanings. Yes, I'm crazy. :)

  9. Glamis -- It's okay. Everyone's a little bit crazy. ;)