Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Catchup Time

As you might remember, I got behind in my goals for the week. And I just couldn't let that stand.

So, yesterday, I grabbed my edits on The Thief Book and typed and fixed, and I made it all the way up to where I would have been if life hadn't interfered with my process. Which means, only 6 more pages to go, and I'll have finished getting in all my line edits on Part 1.

Now, I won't consider this portion of the book 'set' until I've gone back and inserted the Ideas I had while editing. Yes, there were a few nice thought bubbles that formed during my editing process, so now the fronts of both parts are bedecked with post-its. Now, I just need to slip them in where they belong.

Still, I'm willing to call Friday's work a victory. Really, it's a bit of a tie, from what I'd hoped to get done, but all things considered, I feel comfortable departing the field and calling it a win.

I hope everyone else is having a smashing weekend and fabulous Saturday.

How are your writing goals/life goals coming along? Any plans nearer to fruition? Any nice thought bubbles lately or good news?


  1. I'm glad to know that the editing is going well for you and that you are back on track. That gives me hope, since I've not been exactly able to keep up with my own grand writing goals.

    I've been writing more, which is good, but that more isn't necessarily what I had hoped to be writing. Still, thank you for the inspiration. :)

  2. Isn't it such a love/hate relationship when you're going along, editing and doing well, when BAM, you get an idea, which makes you post-it, and then you have to rewrite. It's great, but not, you know.

    I'm glad you've caught up, that's such a great feeling.

    I haven't been able to do anything other than an outline, Monster Baby has been out of school all week. UGH! I can't seem to concentrate, (gee, wonder why) when she's around.

  3. Congrats on the progress.
    I set a crazy goal of finishing my first draft by the end of this month. Ha!

  4. Sarahjayne -- I'm glad to be a source of hope. It's good that you're writing more, even if it's not what you'd hoped. You'll get there. :)

    Piedmont -- Rewriting, I've found, is the most troublesome part, especially because part of me keeps thinking, "But, didn't you already do this once? /headdesk/" Good luck with Monster Baby and the next projection.

    KAH -- Good luck with the crazy goal. I'm sure you can pull it off.