Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh, the Interwebs

A while ago, I read a post on Roni Griffin's page about web presence. And, naturally, that got me thinking about, well, web presence.

I do not have a very large web presence. I feel secure enough in myself to admit that. ;-) This blog, this one right here, that you are looking at right now, this is my web presence. I don't twitter. I don't have another blog. I have a livejournal I created to look at something and now just links back to this blog. I don't have my own personal website. I am not splashed all over the Internet.

And, you know what, I am okay with that.

Because this blog takes time. Any form of web presence takes time. So, if I wanted to add anything else to the list of things I do on the Internet every day, I'd have to take some of that time away from here. I'm not okay with that.

See, even if I occasionally have a bad week or so, I like to think that I'm bringing my A-game to these posts. I don't want to write meaningless drivel that wastes your time and mine. And, something tells me, if I take up twittering, I might not have enough time and energy to give this my top notch stuff. Not okay.

That's my web presence.

How about you? What's your web presence? Big? Small? Are you considering changing its size? Why?


  1. This is keeping me up at night! I have a tiny web presence. I'm discovering that blogging just isnt' for me. (I love to read them but writing them just feels forced for me). I'm about to lauch a very basic website and I think that will be it for now, other than an occasional blog post. I'm done putting pressure on myself!

  2. I love my blog and for right now that is MORE THAN ENOUGH for me. I don't plan on twitting or facebooking or any of that. I think my plan is to keep right on blogging until I get the agent and then if I do get published put up a website. I think that's enough for now. Everything else, and some days blogging, takes away from the writing.

  3. Dominique,

    Good question. I think about these kinds of things often. I refuse to Twitter, or join facebook. I'm published but still have no website. I've got a blog on Vox, which was my first step into getting that online presence. Vox had limitations so I set up another one on blogspot. This is the one I spend the most time on. I still write the occasional (time-wasting lol) post on Vox, but I see my blogspot blog as my real online author presence. Such as it is.

    I like to follow writing blogs, because sometimes I just feel like reading about it, not writing about it.

  4. I suppose I have a small webpresence. I don't do much but like you, I try to bring my A game there. Lately that hasn't even happened much because life's just been crazy wild. But I do what I can and that's all we can do, right?

  5. Ooops, I had more. I have no intention of setting up a website, because the author websites I've seen aren't as interactive as blogspot blogs. Even wordpress seems more set apart, and I like the interaction and sense of community I feel from following and commenting on blogs, and vice versa. I don't want an "official author website" that just sits there looking pretty for the fans. Well, besides, I have no fans lol.

  6. Dreamstate -- I think you're making the right decision, if that's what feels best for you. I think it should be fun, or it's not going to be worth doing.

    Piedmont -- I think you're making a good decision.

    Karen -- Fair enough. I am curious, though, why you choose not to facebook or twitter. Time? Privacy?

    L.T. -- I get it. Life happens, right.

  7. Dominique,

    It's time. I do Vox (which is kinda like facebook)and Goodreads, and my blog. I have to draw the line somewhere. I get sucked in too easily. I could be online reading blogs and commenting 6 hours a day if I'm not careful. I can't imagine if I added twitter and facebook to that.


  8. Karen -- I can understand that. That makes sense. I think time is a large factor in a lot of people's decisions about social networking.