Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Are You Doing?

This week I've been having trouble squeezing in actual writing time. As it turns out, and I'd forgotten this, writing takes more time and typing up quick edits, dash it all. But, I will do this thing. I will do it, gosh darn it.

But, enough about me. How are your WIPs going? You are where you'd hoped to be and getting done what you'd hoped?

Are you having fun with your project?

Any new Ideas lately?


  1. WIP -- research stage, again.
    Doing what I hoped -- no, yes, sort of.
    Having fun -- nope, I hate research, it takes away from the writing.
    New Ideas -- no, yes, sort of. I want to finish the old ones first but I did have a bulb go off on another project, so maybe.

  2. Oh, yes, writing take SO much time, no matter what stage I'm at. For my WIP I'm getting it in shape for an agent, and although that sounds way glamorous and exciting, it's not really. I hope it to go somewhere, but we'll see. I keep second guessing myself on changes. It's pretty nerve-wracking.

    Good luck with your writing!

  3. I'm finally rolling with my new WIP. It took me time to really find the path for this story and that has been frustrating. But, I think I'm going now (or at least I hope!).

    and, yes. writing takes boat loads of time.

  4. I'm ignoring the novel in favor of a challenge.
    I just finished the third in what is to be a series of nine linked short stories. They have to be linked by theme, which is revealed one a day, and have to be finished by 2/21 because, well, that's the challenge.

    Needless to say I'm behind. :)

  5. I'm on a much-needed break from my MS. We're getting reaquainted on Friday. And I will conquer. Good luck with your writing!

  6. I wish I had more time. Between craziness at day job and kidlet mania at our house, I've been trying to get in writing time and falling asleep with the computer on my lap.

    So, sounds like we're in the same boat. Here's to hoping next week's better!

  7. I've had a hard time doing much of anything. =P
    I've been sick.

  8. Piedmont -- Yes, I can see how research can be annoying. I admit, I don't do as much of it as I ought to, for the same reason you mentioned.

    Glamis -- Well, I hope you finally come down to a decision you like and that things go great with the agent. :)

    Tess -- I'm glad you're rolling with the project. That's a great feeling, isn't it?

    Sarahjayne -- It sounds like a very interesting challenge. Even if you are 'behind' I hope you're having lots of fun with it.

    Elana -- Breaks are good. They give time to think and recuperate. Have fun wit the conquering. :)

    Windy -- Yes, here's to hoping. :)

    L.T. Elliot -- I'm sorry. I hope you feel better soon.