Monday, August 10, 2009

If Only Publishing Were This Easy

I'll admit it, I've never read the full unabridged version of Little Women. I made it through about half of it, and then someone gave me the abridged version. What can I say, sometimes I'm weak.

But I am familiar with Little Women: the Musical. (Beware. Impending **Spoilers**). In the song "Weekly Volcano Press", Josephine March tells her friends how she took a story of hers that no one will publish and went straight to the editor of the Weekly Volcano Press to read it to him so he would publish it. (video)

Discontent with the editors to whom she offers her story telling her to "leave it right there on the pile," Jo marches to the office of the editor of the Weekly Volcano Press, and when he tosses her story on the slush pile, she jumps on a chair and offers him a dramatic reading of it.

Long story short, Henry Dashwood, the editor, falls to his knees and begs for the story. In fact, she gets a job writing more stories for the newspaper.

God, I wish getting published were that easy.


  1. Seriously! If only it were that easy.

  2. Wow...if only that worked in real life! LOL! I guess that is why it is a story, yes? I can just see myself trying to do that and the editor calling the security guards :P.