Monday, August 3, 2009

The States!

I'm back!

(Actually, I got back yesterday, but today was the first real day States-side.)

You know, I love Canada, but there are some nice things about the US. For example, Starbucks. I've found more than one place in Canada that actively eschews the store. Not fun. I've become rather used to having tea sold within a five mile radius. Also, while Canadian money was not based on Monopoly money (otherwise the fives would be pink), it still looks funny to me. (Though, I must say, twonies, are awesome.)

I learned some interesting things during my trip.
  • "I thought the second act had a bit of a length problem?" -- For the record, my brother thinks everything has a length problem. I mean, he's found short films overlong. So, every time we say a play, he found the second act, and sometimes the first, longer than necessary. This, actually, can be applied to writing. Post climax, your reader only gives you so long to wrap things up. Subplots should probably be resolved along the way, not post main issue.

  • "Miles are far." -- I asked my cousins to translate their 8 kilometers into miles, and when it was done, they were all surprised at how small the number was. "Miles are far," my cousin pointed out. To me, it sounds like one of those "brilliant" things that occurs whilst one is a little drunk, except in that context it made a lot of sense. They all think in kilometers. Life is relative.

  • "Soup! That changes everything!" -- At a restaurant, just when we were about to order, my brother learned that the restaurant sold soup. It did, in fact, change everything for him. Did I mention life is relative?

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