Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Minor Whinging

Today, midway through Chapter 8, I realized that what I was using to start a new chapter worked much better as the end to the previous chapter. And whilst I contemplated that fact, I realized that I had completely forgotten to write an important scene.

Earlier in the book, the MC's necklace is stolen, which is sad for her, because it was a gift from her dead mother. The other character is supposed to return it to her before she has to leave. I was about to write the scene where she has to leave but I hadn't written the return of the necklace! I wanted to beat my head against a wall. How did I forget that?!

I don't personally like to type my first drafts, but I have to admit that these errors would be much easier to rectify on a PC than in my notebook. Admittedly, with the first one, all I had to do was cross out the chapter label at the top of the page. It's not pretty but it's easy. The second fix isn't as pretty at all. (Yep, I care if it looks pretty. I'm an aestheticist.) I went back to the old spot, put in a post-it that says "Holy Hell! Forgot a crucial scene!" and added a note to flip to section A for the insert.

I don't like this because I like my draft notebooks to be neat and clean (in about 99.9% of cases, I write in perfect order. This is my first insert.) The only saving grace of that correction is that I was capable of adding the section without having to staple something in. I don't like doing that. Yes, this probably sounds like a silly thing to whine about (and I can admit that it's a silly thing to let bug me, I really do know that), but did I mention I like things pretty.

I'm sure there's a learning experience to be had here, maybe something like 'Don't write when tired,' or 'Constant Vigilance,' but at the moment I am not interested in seeking that out.

Okay, whinging over.


  1. nothing wrong with being an aesthetic. i like things pretty, too. i'm honestly amazed that you can manage to do this in a notebook. whoa. hat's off to you! :)

  2. I like things pretty, too! My writing notebook is no exception. It usually isn't pretty, though, and I've come to terms with that.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. i admire you for handwriting in notebooks, your first draft. Is it because the flow is easier than on a computer?
    I couldn't do that. I also get bored retyping onto my computer later.

  4. I hand write things, because a notebook travels very easily. I keep all my character and plot notes in that notebook, too, so this way they're always on hand when I'm writing. Also, handwriting it seems to make me much freer with my ideas. I'll type it all eventually.