Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Theory

Okay, I officially have a new theory of the universe. Here it is: the whinging helps.

Yesterday, I whined about my first draft. I can admit that my frustration was mostly tied to the fact that the words aren't coming as easily as they used to, so this is feeling more like work these days, so minor things get less of my patience.

But last night -- post whinging -- I had this amazing surge and I ended up writing about 1000 words without breaking a sweat. It was unbelievable.

So, my new theory is that the whinging helps. Now, I'm not talking about constant complaining of ranting about every little thing, but sometimes just getting the annoying things off your chest frees up some qi and gets the creative juices flowing again. I endorse venting.

So, for today, what's your pet peeve? What is frustrating you at the moment?

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