Monday, March 1, 2010


I am kicking over to this rant, because I think it is genius. I couldn't have said it better myself.


  1. That was brilliance. And I couldn't agree more, ya know? lol.
    I might end up doing a whole post about this. I can already feel my opinion starting to LIKE strengthen. ;)

  2. I LOVED that! So true, every word of it. Not only is our society inarticulate, but we're now known for the morons amongst us who lack the skill of critical thinking. LOL -- I'll be thinking of this poem all day! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. That was POWERFUL. Amen! It's about time. I need to work on my own authority in speaking but thankfully not on the part about "totally" and "like". ;)

  4. they should have a like button just for this post.

  5. KAh -- Rofl. :)

    Nicole -- My pleasure. One articulate step at a time.

    L.T. -- I'm working on speaking with authority as well. I think we can all use the practice.

    Tugger -- :) Thanks.

    Susan -- I'm glad.