Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some More Thanks.

It has come to my attention that I received an award from the lovely Anne Gallagher, who I still think of as Piedmont Writer. Thanks so much, Piedmont. I'm glad you enjoy this blog.

It's my pleasure to pass this award along to some others:

Karen Hooper of * Eternal Moonshine of the Daydreaming Mind *
Elena Johnson in a blog of the same name
Lisa and Lauren from Lisa and Laura Write. (Every time I type that name, I think it's somehow going to be a blog about knitting. It isn't. Strangely enough, it's about writing.)
Susan Mills from A Walk in My Shoes


  1. You are very welcome. And you may think of me however you wish.

  2. You're such a sweetie. Thanks bunches :)

  3. Piedmont -- Why thank you.

    L.T. -- Thanks.

    KAH -- My pleasure.