Thursday, March 25, 2010


According to the Blogger tracking device that I've decided to trust implicitly, this is my 250th blog post. Golly gee willickers, I've been doing this for a while. Also, according to Blogger, I have 65 minions, (I mean, followers. Yeah, of course...)

Well, minions/followers, I'm curious, what would you all be interested in hearing more of?

~More thoughts on writing? I'm sure I could beat my head against a wall until some other useful/interesting things came out.

~More humor? I can be funny. I think. (I'm told my humor's an acquired taste, so that could be interesting. Seriously, I've some weird stories about my attempts to be funny. Crash and burn failures at humor, really. Yeah....) Or I could get humor from other, actually funny sources.

~ More kicks? Do you like me linking to other blogs I think you might enjoy?

~More about my life? Yes, I'm aware I'm not the center of the universe. That's quite a pity. But maybe you're interested. (Just promise not to be creepy stalkers, okay. Don't worry, I trust you.)

~ More invasions of your personal lives. I mean, politely and uninvasively asking for your opinions and views on things. (I like this, because y'all are cool people and I like hearing what you think and do. In a non-stalker sense, of course.)

~More reviews of book or movies or end of the world theories?

~You don't want to be called my minions or my followers but would rather be known as something else? That would certainly be something to weigh in on. I'm open to suggestions. (Personally, I'm hoping someone suggests calling you my merry men. I know, a disproportionate number of you are probably female, but I see no reason for that to stop us. ;P )

~Other things you think should be included?

Anything you want to hear less about?

I'm open to all sorts of suggestions. Advice will be noted, if not always heeded. (For example, any requests that I post in Portuguese will not be met with compliance. That I know of.) I promise not to do anything crazy about constructive criticism. No strange stalking. I swear. (See, that was an example of my humor that often only works if you know me. I wasn't kidding when I said my head was an unusual place.)

Have a great day. :D


  1. Congrats on 250 posts! I'm new here but I love your humour, so I'm going to go for more funnies! :)

  2. All of the above. :) Congrats on the 250th post!

  3. I'm a brand new follower, but I started because of your writing advice and insights. I don't mind some humor and the other things you mentioned, though!

  4. Just keep up the good work and give us more of the same! Only not the same. Different. Yet the same.

  5. Hey I know, how about some writing stuff. I mean, I love the stuff you do right now but I don't think I've ever seen a snippet or excerpt or maybe a little paragraph or two. And if I have, it's been a long time.

  6. WOW. 250 posts is a LOT of content. Congrats!!

    I prefer a hodge podge of offerings myself. I tend to veer away from blogs that become so one-dimensional. The more variety the better. Keep us guessing!

  7. Keep doing what you're doing. You have good balance in your posts already.

  8. I'm happy to read whatever you'd like to share. =]

  9. Life and humour all the way, Dominique.
    Although I would like to read what you are working on too.

  10. Talli -- I'm glad you weighed in. I'll try to bring the funny.

    Susan -- Thanks. Glad you're enjoying.

    Genie -- Well, I'll definitely be keeping the writing comments going. Pleasure having you here.

    Karen -- Got it. Will do.

    Piedmont -- Hmmm... excerpts. I don't usually do that, partly because I'm not sure it's there yet. But, it's certainly something I'll think about. Thanks for weighing in.

    DL -- Thanks. You know, I've got to agree with you, variety is the spice of life.

    Mathew -- Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying.

    L.T. -- Thanks. Glad you're enjoying.

    Elaine -- Well, I'll try to read the funny. And, as I told Piedmont, I am taking the suggestion that I post excerpts under advisement.

  11. Everything!!! Also, I think it would be awesome to be known as your merry men, and that's coming from a girl, so feel free to do it.
    barrin that, being known as an evil minion is pretty cool too :D

  12. Vader -- Well, it's good to know that the merry men idea has some support. ;)