Friday, April 2, 2010

To Plug In or Not to Plug In?

(Okay, I hope you've all noticed the shameless effort to maintain the title pattern over the week. I didn't start the week planning to do that, but after day two, a pattern seemed to be emerging, and I'm a slave to patterns. So, there it goes. I hope at least some of you were vaguely amused.)

So, some of you might have noticed that I semi-dropped out of the blogosphere lately. I haven't been reading and commenting on blogs this week. I've just been popping on once a day to respond to blog comments and create my next post. And I feel really bad about that, and I'll totally be hitting all you're sites and commenting, I promise. **crosses area in general proximity to heart**

This was not a planned event. However, due to forces entirely inside my control (read: my inability to read and comprehend a schedule and thereby understand a deadline) things came up that I hadn't properly foreseen, and I had to make time to meet those responsibilities. Something had to give, and, since I didn't want that something to be sleeping or eating, that something turned out to be blogging.

I'm very sorry you guys fell to the lower end of the priority spectrum. I promise you all beat out TV. And, don't worry, next time sleep will hit the bottom, okay?

Anyway, now that I've some time to think, I got to thinking about what how we decide to manage our time. And, since I've been talking about blogging lately, and since this is a blog (you know, in case you hadn't noticed that already), I'm going to keep this on the issue of time and blogging.

In the average week, I probably spend about 14 hours in the blogosphere, between reading, commenting, and writing. Of those hours, probably 10-11 go to the reading and commenting portion. And, I like this time. I get to read a lot of interesting things, learn a lot of useful things, hear about really fascinating things, not to mention hang out with all of you fine people.

Still, no matter how you spin it, 14 hours is a pretty large chunk of time. And, when something's gotta give, it's tempting to shave some hours from that particular chunk. Sorry about that, guys, but you do happen to be one of the few time requirements in my life that aren't associated with marks, contractual obligations/things to which I've given my word, and the keeping of body and soul in something resembling proximity. (Said with love, I promise.)

But enough about me. Wouldn't want this to become an ego-kick. Let's talk about you.

How do you prioritize your blogging time in the scheme of things? How much time do you spend in the blogosphere? How does that time break down? Do you wish you spent more/less time here or more/less time on certain aspects of your blog experience?


  1. If I had a regular life with a job and a DH I might not even blog at all but with no hinderences or time constraints (also no friends or money) the blogoshpere is my salvation so I don't feel like I'm taking time away from anything.

  2. I'm really enjoying my bloggery time, but then again I don't have children and I have a lot of time in the evening to engage in it. I can see how, if you had a lot of other obligations, it could become too much to keep up with.

    It is possible, I think, to keep blogging to a minimum if you don't want to build your followers, etc, and you just want to do it every once in awhile. Maybe you can set a limit to how many times you post a week, and that might free up some hours?

  3. Blogging is the first thing to go when I get too busy. I love my time spent here, but I have other priorities that I can't let slide. We all need to step back from time to time.

  4. I too spend most of my blogging time reading and commenting on other peoples blogs. And why not, there's a ton of great stuff out here. It's like reading a great book on writing...called BLOG...and each one is a new chapter with either illustrations of how to apply writing technique, or inspiration. I don't feel guilty at all about the time I devote here.

  5. I agree with DL. How wise-- it's something we do for our careers. In fact, am I following this guy? Better go make sure. I gave you an award today on my blog Dominique :)

  6. Hi there,
    I'm here from Karen's site. I share your problem even though I'm retired. I like what I see here so far and think I'll tag along.

  7. Don't ever apologize! Real life should always come first. I spend less and less time here in the blogosphere, but I try to comment here and there as much as I can. Still, when things get intense, blogging is usually the first thing to go. I understand. :)

  8. I agree with Lady Glamis. Real life commitments are more important than commenting on someone's blog. I wish I always had time for blogging, but it has to go some times :-/
    It's especially rough when it's a project due in English that you've been dreading for forever or something like that, that keeps you from blogging.

  9. I know what you mean. I wish we could stuff more hours in the day to blog. Though, blogging is beginning to take me away from too much TV watching at night (that's a good thing). I love visiting other blogs. I'm so glad I found yours.

  10. Anon -- I'm sure you do have friends. (Hey, blogosphere friends totally count.)

    Talli -- True, I do think a specific blogging schedule does help one maintain sanity in the blogworld, especially where time is concerned.

    Susan -- Very true.

    DL -- I like your comparison to reading a book. It makes me think of the days when books were published as newspaper serials.

    Karen -- Thanks. You're too kind.

    Pat -- Hi! Thanks for dropping by.

    Glamis -- I think it's true that real life does have to come first. Probably due to it's absence of pixels.

    vader -- How true. Assignments often arrive when I'd rather be blogging, but such things must take priority. Good luck with the English work. :)

    Kathi -- Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you like it.