Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Lawyer Joke

Okay, first of all, I don't hate lawyers. I really don't. Really. I'm related to some very nice ones.
And, if any of you are lawyers, please don't take this personally. It's just that this joke was so amusing.

One Monday morning, a man named Richard called a law office and said, "Excuse me, I would like to speak with Mr. Smythe. He's my lawyer."

The receptionist replied, "I’m sorry, sir; however, Mr. Smythe died last week."

The next day Richard called again and asked the same question. The receptionist replied, "Sir, as I told you yesterday, I am very sorry, but Mr. Smythe died last week."

Wednesday morning, Richard called for the third time. He asked to speak with his lawyer. By this time the receptionist had become quite annoyed. She snapped. "Sir," she yelled, "I keep telling you, your lawyer died last week. Why do you keep calling?!!"

Richard laughed. "Because I just love hearing it!"


  1. My dad's a lawyer...and he loves lawyer jokes! I'll totally have to send this one to him! =D

  2. XD Hahahahahahaha! That's epic!

  3. Love the joke. You could use it for any occupation that irks you. I was just blog-surfing and found your delightful blog.

    If you have the time and the inclination, you might check out my entry in the murder scene blogfest. For a murder scene, I tried to find the humanity in even the most vile persons involved. It is from my historical fantasy set in 1853 aboard a transatlantic steamer bound for Paris with more than one killer looking for prey.

    Thanks for being gracious to a wandering cyber-pilgrim, Roland

  4. L.T. -- I hope he enjoys it.

    Glamis -- Thanks.

    Pat -- Thanks.

    vader -- Glad you enjoyed.

    DL --I'm glad.

    Roland -- Welcome cyber-pilgrim. :)

  5. Ha! I love it. Thanks for the laugh.