Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bill

William Shakespeare was born, well, we're not quite sure. But he was baptized on the 26th of April, so he was born right about now (probably on the 23rd). I'm celebrating today. So, Happy Birthday, Bill Shakespeare. :-)

Talk about crazy prolific. To his name, he's has 38 plays, 154 sonnets, two narrative poems, and several other pieces of poetry. I'm in awe, really.

You've got to love Shakespeare. (No, seriously, you have to. I'm making it a law.) There're few things I love more than the cross-dressing romantic comedies. Gotta love the dramatic irony of them all. What Shakespeare do you love best?

Bill: "I do love nothing in this world so well as you. Is not that strange?"

Oh, and, for The Other One: Shakespeare is my homeboy. ^_^

And, for your viewing pleasure:


  1. Happy Birthday Bard!! I didn't know so thanks for this info, from now on I'll celebrate too. My favorite of his plays is Othello. The portrayal of Iago is brilliant.

  2. Yay Shakespeare! Happy Birthday Bill. I love Othello, like Karen. I also really like Macbeth.

  3. What fun. Happy Birthday Sir William :D

  4. Happy B-day to The Harry Potter of his day! ;)

  5. Karen -- I'm always glad to pass on information about Shakespeare. :)

    Talli -- Yes, the Scottish play is quite remarkable.

    Tess -- :)

    L.T. -- ;) I love that title.