Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thanks Karen

Today, I'd like to thank the charming Karen Gowen for giving me the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thanks. You're much too kind. :)

Now, I'm not entirely clear what the rules are, but I believe I'm supposed to post seven interesting things about my life. Not sure how easy that'll be, but I'll give it a go.

1) I have a twin. Okay, you probably already knew that (I call her The Other One when I mention her on the blog). Still, I consider it interesting, and it's what I've got.

2) I have a thing about languages. I like being able to speak them, and I definitely geek out about grammar, implicit meanings, that sort of thing. We've heard me geek out about Chinese.

3) I aspire to one day read the all the plays of William Shakespeare. The Other One has, but I have not, and I feel like a somewhat deficit English-lit-geek if I haven't read more, so I plan to get right on that soon. Besides, Shakespeare's my homeboy. ;)

4) Once, in my younger days, I went to Chile with my parents. Whilst going through customs, I set my purse on the floor and forgot it. I didn't realize until we'd passed through. So, without my passport, any knowledge of Spanish, or a word to my parents, I sprinted back through customs to get my purse and then ran back to my parents. No one stopped me, but my parents were less than pleased.

5) My mother's side of the family are Canadians, so I've been there a lot. I'd characterize Canada as the much more chill version of the US. I love America. But Canada will always have a special place in my heart, and near as I can tell, it is more chill.

6) On the Canada side of things, I have, at least once, convinced people of all the following things: Canada used to use the 25 hour clock but recently switched to 24 hours, which makes my life easier; in Canada, on July 1st, we all come together as a nation to heard beavers into the Plain Provinces, where we club them on the head, and eat them; in Canada, people get around on bobsleds, and the cars you see people in are borrowed from the government to go south of the border.

7) Despite never having worked as an actor professionally, I have appeared on stage in three states, and I hold membership in the International Thespian Society.

Sharing the Love:
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Tamara Heiner who makes me smile. :)
Elana Johnson for her entertaining style and informative blog
Nicole Ducleroir who keeps things interesting
Stephanie Thornton for her creative and entertaining posts
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  1. I love the 25-hour Canadian day! LOL! Once, my sister tried to convince us she'd heard of a country somewhere in the world where they have 8 days a week. The sad part was she was sure she was right! (We'll never let her live that one down!) It's great fun to learn more about you. I wish I had a twin. I've always thought that'd be wild!

    Congrats on your award, and thanks so much for thinking of me and passing it my way!!

    Enjoy your Sunday :)

  2. Funny how although I've been following your blog for awhile I never knew you had a twin!

  3. Shakespeare is good stuff. A friend of mine says that, "Shakespeare was the Harry Potter of his day." I always laugh when I hear that. =]

    Congrats on the award!

  4. Congrats on the award! Thanks for sharing more about you!

  5. I love that whole Canadian thing. I once convinced someone that it's pronounced Canadia, not Canada, like the Canadian geese.

    Congratulations on your award.

  6. Nicole -- I love my twin, but I doubt we were quite so wild with it that other people might have been. I'm glad you enjoyed. Can't wait to see your list. :)

    Karen -- I guess I was inadvertently playing it close to the vest. Thanks for reading.

    L.T. -- I like that comparison. I want to put that on a t-shirt. Thanks.

    Talli -- Thanks. My pleasure.

    Piedmont -- Oh my goodness, I had a friend once who called it Canadia all the time. We all got so used to it, until one day my sister called it Canadia in front of our cousin. They thought it was a laugh. Thanks.