Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Process

I totally absconded with this survey from Sex Scenes At Starbucks. I thought it seemed interesting, and I'm really interested in seeing in what y'all say when you borrow and re-post it (as I hope you will).

If you asked 50 writers to describe their “writing processes,” you’d probably get 75 different responses. Some writers stick to a set of inviolable rules, others “meander across the meadow,” while others invoke voodoo dolls and incense, heavy on the incense (substitute “alcohol” for “incense” as required).
I have never invoked a voodoo doll in my writing process. Though, I can't deny, I do sort of meander at times.

Do you write daily or whenever you can grab a chance?
I grab a chance. I try to write daily, but that's usually not how things work out. Yes, darn it, I'm inadequate.

Are you an outliner or a “seat-of-the-pantser”?
I'm pretty much an outliner (though they're loose outlines), though I don't deny that I'm not above following an idea to the end of the rainbow.

Do you revise as you go or do you plow through?
I tend to plow through and then come back. Sure, I sometimes duck back and make notes, but I like to get to the end of the deal before taking it all apart.

Do you write what you want or what you think has a shot of selling?
I'm a lot better at writing what I want to write, mainly because I haven't the foggiest how to determine what sells. But, as the wall I'm currently looking at says, "Be real to yourself and everything else will follow." I'm going to run with that.

Do you listen to music when you write?
Yeah, pretty much always. I listen to music always. Well, not always music. Sometimes, The West Wing or shows involving the investigation of violent murders. Because, I'm like that.

Now, my merry-men, please go forth. Recreate the survey so I can know more interesting things about you. Enjoy. :-)


  1. Thanks for your comments on my YA novel yesterday. I appreciate your help.

  2. I write whenever I have the chance, but wish I could write daily. :( But I'm definitely a pantser, not an outliner, although I do have a general idea of where the story is going. I plow straight through from beginning to end, almost always chronologically, and I usually do listen to music when I write (but know that I'm writing well when I zone out of the music).

    As for writing what I want vs. what I think will sell...I've learned from experience that writing what I love is the way to sell something--when I try to write what will sell, I fail!

  3. It's always so interesting to learn how other writers write. I rarely listen to music. I use a very loose outline because I liked to add interesting details that strike. And I write what I feel passionate about. Great blog!

  4. Laraine -- My pleasure.

    Beth -- Thanks for weighing in. It's always nice to hear about other people's writing practices.

    Kathi -- Thanks for stopping by. Glad you're enjoying the blog. :)

  5. I did enjoy this! Thank you for sharing. I'm like you in writing when I grab the chance. Planning a set time = nada for my creativity.

  6. Glamis -- I'm glad you enjoyed.