Saturday, January 9, 2010

In Other News...

So, all in all, this has been a pretty big week. (Actually, I'm talking about the first seven days of the year, but it could go either way and still be a big week.)

As you might remember, I finished my rough draft of Miss Snitch (thanks, everyone, for the congratulations. You guys rock), and now my rational side is keeping it away from my little editing fingers will a whip and a chair.

"Wait," says my rational mind. "It is better this way."

"Me wants it," the editing urge cries. (Yes, a large portion of my brain speaks like Smeagle. It also hisses when displeased and whimpers when sad. I guess that's not the side of me that writes.) "Give it to us."

Anyway, I'm resisting the urge to edit. Hey, yet another reason to clean -- distraction. I choose to take the fact that I don't want to put this down as a good sign. I still really like the story.

In reading news, I've so far kept my resolution of finishing a book a week. This past seven days (yes, I do weeks in a funny way), I finished Emma by Jane Austen. (Technically, that's two resolutions, so I'm get to do a dance of joy. Yay!) All in all, not my favorite of Ms. Austen's works; however, it did show some of the things that I believe make her work truly great. I think she shined most in the character of Mrs. Elton, one of the more antagonistic forces. Her use of little details to show that we aren't supposed to like this one are just brilliant.

Next book on the reading list: Burmese Days by George Orwell. We'll see how that goes.

I hope y'all are well. How's your New Year coming along so far?


  1. Because I made a New Year's Res. about writing 2 pages a day and didn't keep it this week, yesterday I wrote 14 pages. My bum hurts, it took 11 hours to grind them out and they are all pretty much doo-doo. I guess I'll have to read them this morning and really see what I wrote. By the end of it yesterday the typo's were astronomical.

  2. Yay! Congrats on finishing your rough draft. That's a very good sign that you still love the characters and story enough that you can't wait to edit.

    I've had a pretty good start to the year...just plugging away. :)

  3. Piedmont -- I've discovered, in my time, that one of the keys to effective goal settings is forgiveness. If you screw up one day, don't let it derail everything or think you've got to go nuts making up for it. Just realize the facts of the situation and do better the next time. 14 in a day is a LOT. I'm impressed. I hope the pages are better than you expect.

    Karen-- Thanks. I hope the plugging away works out for you.