Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Progress Report

So, I cracked 53K. Didn't finish the book, though. I'm close. I'm in the final chapter. It'll just take a scene or two more. My goal was to finish it all up today, but I have a feeling that that just isn't going to happen. I have a lot of work that I need to get done first. Maybe next week. :(

I might be absent from the blogworld for a while, because my Internet has decided to take a turn for the despising me lately. I don't know when I'm gonna be back online smoothly.

How is everyone else's day going?


  1. Good luck finishing your book. The last couple of scenes were hardest for me to write. I hope your internet problems get resolved soon.

  2. OOh! Congrats on being so close to writing THE END!

  3. Thanks. I WILL do it this week. I'll Make myself do it.