Saturday, September 26, 2009

Are You A Writer?

Yesterday, I read a most interesting post on the Literary Lab. It advised that we ought to admit to others that we're writers. Heck, to me, it might as well have said, admit to yourself that you're a writer. "Look into the nearest reflective surface (unless you are a vampire) and say to yourself, 'I am a writer.'" It's an interesting exercise. I did it, and I immediately giggled, because I couldn't suppress the feeling that I had unleashed a tremendous secret.

Do you admit to others that you write? (See, even there, I say admit. Further psychoanalysis beckons.) Do you tell/announce to/ proclaim/ exclaim that you are a writer? I must confess that I often do not. Indeed, I would not lie, if I were asked, but I don't go handing that information out on a street corner.

I doubt any of us would be met with expressions of shock and horror. (I feel compelled to point that out. I have Dead Poets Society playing in the background.) People I have told tend to be supportive. Some, indeed, find the idea quite cool. Actually, I take the earlier sentiment back. One relative was quite shocked, mainly because I managed to write my first book without him being aware of the fact. He made me laugh.

So, have you announced that you are a writer today?


  1. To be honest, only a handful of people, outside of my family, know that I write (and of course all the blogger friends). I'm not trying to keep it a secret, but I don't tell unless asked. I have found that the few I've told have been so supportive (perhaps even envious). I'm working on coming out of the closet, so to speak. Great post!

  2. LW -- Let's Carpe Diem. Say it loud and say it proud. :D (Wow, Dead Poets Society is going to my brain.)

  3. My friend's husband called me a writer the other day and it just made me smile. I am a writer, hear me roar!

  4. I started out my blog profile by writing only "Dreamer and lover of life!" Three weeks into my blog's life I realized that I had to start believing in myself somewhere, and putting myself out there as I wanted to be perceived by others - as a writer, although I am not published. I have since changed my blog profile to reflect "Dreamer, writer, and lover of life!"

    Also, to comment on Lazy Writer's comment about some becoming envious of the fact that we love to write, I have found the same to be true. So, when I started my blog, I told nobody at all that I'd started a writer's blog, except my husband, who supports me more than I can ever hope. I wanted my blog to attract people who want to come back willingly, of their own accord, and not people who are envious but feel like they owe me their support.

    Your posting is a great inspiration to those who are nervous about saying, "I am a writer!"

  5. LnL -- I feel as if that should be on bumper stickers or t-shirts.

    Nevine -- I didn't tell anyone I was blogging either. Like my writing, I think I was a bit surprised that I was doing it at all. Congrats on coming into your identity as a writer.

  6. I am in the same situation as "Lazy Writer". Some of my friends know my passion for writing and being an aspiring author, but I do not say it unless asked. That is why I love my blogger friends, I get the support I need from them. It is almost like I feel if I say I am a writer, people won't take me seriously or say, "yeah, right" in disbelief.

    I am proud that I am a writer, I guess I just don't want to boost about it. I do share my writing with my closest friends and they appreciate what I right, though they are not writers themselves. Thank you for this post and for your great blog.

  7. Ana -- Thanks. :D I agree about blogging buddies. We can always now that the people we talk to about writing online know what we're going through with it and understand.

    On a personal note, I said it again today. I am a writer. And I said it to another human being. It felt good. And they were supportive. That felt good. I have a feeling this coming out, as it were, might be a good thing.