Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Great day, no? I laugh whenever numbers line up like this.

In celebration of this day, how about some 9 trivia?

1)Nine is a Lucky Number in Mathematics (but not a Fortunate Number, oddly enough).

2)Nine is a lucky number in China, because it sounds much like the word for 'long lasting.' How lucky is today?

3)Nine is unlucky in Japan, because it sounds like the word for pain. Okay, that's not so fabulous, but if you're not in Japan, then you're in the clear. Me, I could to look at today as super lucky.

4) The year 9 started on a Tuesday. (That would be funnier if today were a Tuesday, but it still amuses me.)

5)Nine is revered in Hinduism as a complete and divine number. It is also important in Buddhism, in which important rituals often involve 9 monks.

6)In Christianity, there are 9 choirs of angels.

7)In Norse Mythology, Odin hung himself from a tree for nine days to learn the rules. I'm not quite sure how that worked, but talk about dedication to the written word. I love writing, but I don't think I'd hang myself from a tree for nine days for my book. How far would you go?

8)A Base 9 numerical system is called novenary.

9)There used to be nine planets. Until Pluto was declared no longer a planet. Poor Pluto.

I like 9s. Since they are 3 squared, they're very round for an odd number. (ooh, funny balance. No wonder in Asia, nine is considered a womanish male number.) I like it.

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  1. I had to pop back by when I saw this posts title. When I was taking my kids to school today, they were talking on the radio about how some people were saying today would be the end of the world. I'm glad you pointed out all the good things about the number 9. It's a much more positive outlook on today!