Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Words are fun, aren't they? I just really like words: I like the way they sound; I like the way they look; I like the way they feel in my mouth.

Some words are more fun than others.
- omphaloskepsis: navel contemplation for the purpose of diving the future.
Okay, this word is just too awesome for, well, words. And, frankly, there just aren't enough chances to use it.

-exsanguinate: to render bloodless
It just rolls off the tongue. At least, in my opinion.

-napiform: turnip shaped.
This is another word that we don't get to say enough. Really, it's just that fun. It goes up there with poriform (pear-shaped).

-Supercilious: haughty, arrogant
Rolls off the tongue. At least in this case there's hope of using it in a conversation.

Anyone else have a favorite word? Please, share. Today, for me, is Fun Words Day.

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  1. I missed Fun Words Day, but one of my favorites is:

    Spastic - pertaining to, of the nature of, or characterized by spasm, esp. tonic spasm. It just sounds spastic.

    I also really like:

    Imminent - likely to occur at any moment; impending. Heavy on the mmms, it makes me think that whatever unfortunate thing is about to occur, it's going to be tasty!