Saturday, March 14, 2009


Have you ever written a chapter and thought ick? Or had that pesky feeling that that thing you wrote about twenty pages back was just not quite good enough?

I just finished up a third chapter and am about to chuck it to my devout beta readers. Unfortunately, this chapter is going to be subtitled The One That Wasn't That Good -- I'm continuing to reserve The One That Was Kind of Awful for the second chapter, because it was. I'm going to be rewriting about half of both of these for the second draft.

Yeah, that's my personal preference. I do minor edits at the end of each chapter based on the notes of my betas, but I don't redo the whole chapters until the second draft.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing this the most efficient way. One friend of mine just staples lose papers into her first-draft notebook wherever she is, which often lends her notebooks a rather intimidating air. (No, seriously, it's intimidating. I am not even joking). It works for her, but I don't think I have random-stapling in me. What are your preferences, reworking wise? Are there other styles out there?

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