Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Primal Scream

Primal Scream is something that people do in my area. Actually, it's Primal Scream time right now. I'd actually forgotten until I heard the shouting. (Yeah, Primal Screaming is just what it sounds like. Everyone yells as loud and as long as they feel they need to.)

A friend of mine asked if I was going to do it. I nodded, stood up, walked outside, and emitted what I, if I were writing, would call a loud, piercing cry. Then I walked back inside and went back to what I was doing.

You know what, I feel better now.

I am officially in favor of Primal Screams. I think the concept is based on some psychological theory that was popular in the 70s. I don't know why it's not in vogue anymore, but it's fun. :)

I think we should all express out emotions. Just a little bit. Okay, just a lot. I think a little emotional honesty makes us all feel a little better.

So, today, I would advocate expressing your emotions, even if it's just in the form of a loud, piercing wail.

What's your primal scream?


  1. I don't generally scream, primal or otherwise. I cry. Long, deep, shuddering sobs (if I were writing). That cleanses me more than screaming.

  2. Crazy, I never heard of this! Yeah, my screaming is crying too.

  3. I don't scream but I feel the scream. Maybe I ought to set it free.

  4. I scream all the time. Just ask my husband and kids. :) Seriously, though, a good cathartic scream can do wonders for my mental attitude.

  5. That's very interesting! I think I'd get some very weird looks and calls to the cops if I did a Primal Scream around here, but I DO scream into my pillow all the time if my daughter makes me extra frustrated. :)

  6. Piedmont -- Whatever works/floats your boat/lifts your luggage/gets the job done. To each's own.

    Karen -- Primal Screams are common in some places, but I'd never heard of the concept until I came here either.

    L.T. -- I find setting it free really does help. There just happen to be few outlets for such things that don't get you looked at funny.

    Susan -- Yep, the screaming can be wonderfully cathartic. And, if that's what works for you, power to you. :)

    Glamis -- Whatever works. Yeah, I do feel like Primal Screams should be forewarned to the authorities. Otherwise, people might come running, depending on the number of people yelling.

  7. It was a ton of fun. I wish we could do it every night of finals period, I could really use it!

  8. I physically manifest my scream and usually throw something across the room. These days, it's mostly my Oxford Dictionary of Idioms. Seems apropriate somehow. ; P

  9. That's interesting :) (Sorry I'm commenting so late, I've been unplugged). And now I really want to scream in the middle of work, but I think they'd look at me weird. When I scream, it usually comes out as a weird gargle cry. Meh, it works for me :)

  10. what -- I concur. That should occur more often.

    Tessa -- I love idioms, but I'm sure that books makes a very satisfying thwack.

    Tiana -- Whatever works. ;-)