Saturday, May 29, 2010

At the Beginning Again

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, I am once again starting fresh. Not at the beginning of The Thief Book, thank the powers that be of the universe. No, I'm writing again. Something new.

As I finished the rewrites on The Thief Book, I also finished a quick edit I'd been doing on Miss Snitch. And, when I thought about jumping right in and putting them into the book, my heart sort of sank, because it just made me think that all the writing I've been doing lately was rewriting and editing, rehashing and reshaping old ideas and characters instead of creating new ones. This made me sad.

So, I opened up a word document, pulled the idea that's been stewing for a month or so up to the front burner, and started typing. And you know what, I'm enjoying it. I'm enjoying it a lot. I'd forgotten how much fun writing a first draft could be.

I'm back at the beginning, and I couldn't be happier.

How are your writing endeavors going?


  1. Well good for you. I love new ideas. Right now, I'm kind of stuck. It's not writer's block I think it's spring fever. Not sure though. I believe once I get the rest of the yard projects finished I'll come to a better place to write. I finally cleaned the house so I know it's not that. We'll see. Missed you, glad you're back.

  2. There's something about a blank computer screen that needs to be filled. Sets the heart to pumping and ideas growing. Good for you starting something new. Right now I'm doing a final read of my book that's to be released in July. When that's over I'm going to work on another novel. Can't wait!

  3. Revising...revising...editing...more revising! :)

    I'm glad you returned to you happy spot!

  4. Still stewing with my main idea, waiting for life in general to cool down enough so I don't feel guilty taking time out to write it. Le sigh. I'll be with you soon enough on first-drafting, so I'm glad you're enjoying it. It gives me hope :)

  5. Yay for new ideas! I think it's important to keep that creativity going. Revising and editing can certainly kill my excitement after I've done it for too long.

  6. Piedmont -- I'm glad to be back. Maybe the yard work will help. I'm told that work that doesn't require your full mind or let your mind wander allows the unconscious mind to sift through things and generate ideas. Maybe the yard work will help you get unstuck. Good luck and thanks for commenting. :)

    Kathi -- Congrats on your upcoming release! Good luck with the new novel. :)

    DL -- Thanks. :) I hope you're in your happy spot as well.

    Vicki -- I'm glad you have hope. Best of luck on the first-drafting. :)

    Glamis -- I definitely agree with the importance of keeping the creativity going. I've certainly noticed an uptick in my enthusiasm of late.