Monday, May 10, 2010

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

So, I've been working on The Thief Book a lot lately. I'd hoped to have this draft done by the end of April, but outside forces changed things up. But, I made good progress, and by May 1st, I only had five scenes yet to go. No problem, right?

Well, it wouldn't have been a problem if I'd just been able to write those five scenes. The problem? Things just kept getting worse. Not for me. For my characters, I mean. I'm fine. But, in the process of rewriting the book, I'd upped some of the stakes along the way, which meant I had about three more problem strands for my characters that need to be resolved and otherwise dealt with. So, I can't just wrap things up super fast like I'd hoped.

Starting point: 5 scenes to go.
5000+words later: 3.5 scenes to go.
The currently very tired part of me wants to introduce my head to my desk repeatedly.

That's the other thing. My first typed copy of this book weighed in at 70k. Since I'd been imagining this book as more of a 60k story, I was quite surprised. (Well, it turns out I was a bit of an epic failure at estimating the length of my handwritten draft.) But, I'd assumed that during the rewriting of the end, I'd pare down 7-10k.

Guess what else I fail at. Making this thing shorter. It's already at 70.5k again, and I still need to write in 3.5 scenes. Minimum. (Head meet desk. Desk meet head. You two are going to be great friends. +_+) (Sorry about my humor. It's late and I didn't sleep too much last night.)

I guess this is the part when I'm happy I get more than two drafts. So, when I finish this draft up, I get to look forward to yet another round of slash and burn edits. **half-hearted fake cheer**

How is everyone else's writing going? Having fun with your WIPs?


  1. I say, just tell the story. Don't focus too much on word count. They are good guidelines, but there's no need to stress or obsess about the. If your book was reaching 120k I'd tell you to start worrying, but I think you're fine.

    The hack and slash can come later.

  2. I agree with Karen. Don't swear the word count. It all comes out in the wash.

  3. I just spent four hours rewriting chapter 1....I'm not too happy with my WIP yet :)

  4. I so feel your pain! I thought I was almost done a month ago. My head has met my desk several times. :)

  5. My advice is the same as above...forget about the word count at this point. You are still so early on in drafting that you cannot predict where you will end up. You may find that between draft three and four, you cut 10k. Or add 10k. No point sweating it yet. And remember that the point of the journey is not to arrive.

    My WIP is back out in QueryLand so I am trying to figure out how to connect my brain directly to my email account so I don't have to check it manually 27 times an hour.

  6. KAH -- I understand you. I'm trying just to tell the story and get it all out there. I'm just noticing the word count at the moment because I thought the book would be shorter than it is, and I certainly thought this draft would be shorter. But, I know you are right, the word count should not be the primary area of focus.

    Piedmont -- You're probably right.

    Beth -- Don't worry. It will come.

    Susan -- I'm sorry. Hope things are feeling better now.

    Jenna -- If you can figure out how to hook your PC to your brain, patent that business, you'll make a fortune. I'll be your first buyer. :)

  7. Ha, my head has met my desk so many times, I think I'm getting a flat forehead :P
    Seriously, trying to get a solid out line for my latest WIP has been a nightmare. The plot holes, oh the plot holes!
    Oh well... If writing were easy, every one would do it right? :P