Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today, my biology class had an unofficial party to celebrate Darwin's 200th Birthday. You know why? Because he was important. All controversy aside, what he did mattered. Do you know how I know? Because 200 years after he was born, we still talk about his ideas. Even the things he said that we now know to be incorrect are remembered, because he said them. Isn't that incredible?
People today all seem to be striving for 15 minutes of fame. (yes, even me. I blog and hope people will read it.) People tell the world about their affairs, childhoods, and dreams in the hope of eking out two more minutes of someone else's time. Almost none of us will ever achieve the kind of lasting fame that we secretly crave. But he did. 200 years ago, he was born. He's long dead. Yet, we still remember him. That's fame. That's making a difference. That's amazing.

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