Monday, February 16, 2009

The Bandana Chronicles

Bandana: Green

A friend told I looked like a gang banger. I didn't see it until she did. Apparently, bandana+braids+hoop earrings+ loose clothing = gang member. I would have thought that obscene paleness (if I bleached my hair tonight, tomorrow I could pass for albino) would have diluted that impression, if not completely removed it. Not to make this a race thing, but some things are hard to deny. Yes, I know there are places where there are white kids in gangs, but my neighborhood isn't one of them. In fact, my neighborhood isn't a place with gangs. Still, what can I do?
Admittedly, I didn't get out much today, so I can't comment much on society, but when I did get out, I didn't see much. Certainly, not the elevator eyes like yesterday of the 14th. People didn't seem to act like I was a gang member. Still, I remain curious about how people treat bandana+braids+loose clothes.

Bandana trivia: the word kerchief comes the from French couvre-chef meaning "cover the head."

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