Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Bandana Chronicles

Bandana Color: Red

Today was my first foray wearing a bandana at school. That's allowed, as long as the bandana is removed during the Pledge of Allegiance -- the same rule that applies to any form of head cover. Surprisingly low level of strange glances and no elevator eyes, which was actually surprising based on the weird looks I usually get from adults out in the real world. In fact, kids seemed to have an overwhelmingly positive response to the bandana.
One friend told me I looked very 80s, another called the bandana+hoops look 90s. One friend said I looked like the girl from Save the Last Dance when she goes to the club. (If you don't get the reference, I didn't either. I haven't seen the movie in years, so I had to go check it later. I'll concede it thought; she had a point.)
Best response award goes to my philosophy teacher who said, "Do I have to make you take that off? Is it a gang sign?" Apparently, some foolish and very misguided administrator decided to waste teacher time by educating them on gangs and gang signs (there really is nothing funnier than my Bio teacher trying to make the crip killer sign and failing miserably.) However, since I promised it wasn't a gang sign, I got to keep the bandana. Gave my class a real laugh though. I am 98% sure he was joking.
So, I guess the moral of today is, wear the bandana with friends and teens, because they're chill with anything.

Bandana Trivia: A do-rag was originally used to maintain the style and shape of the hair.

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