Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Sorry for deviating from my usual posting schedule, but I waited Sunday night for the magic fairy of blogging inspiration to visit me, and said fairy failed to arrive. (Speaking of which, Missy, I'm on to you, and you better show up on time next time.) Actually, she did visit me over lunch, so here's what occurred.

At Wellesley College, there's a ritual called Flower Sunday, whereby on the first Sunday of the academic year, new students receive Big Sisters at Wellesley and go to a special assembly at the Houghtan Chapel. It started as a means of easing the transition from home to college for students, and it remains a Wellesley tradition. Many sisters remain friends through their time together at Wellesley. It took place this past Sunday.

It occurred to me yesterday that it would be really great if there were some sort of equivalent tradition of sorts for writers. Writers are great people, but even awesome people can use some support every now and then.
Natalie Whipple blogged about a similar idea a while ago. A Writers' Society. I think it'd be nifty.

Any thoughts? Any suggestions? Anyone thinking a writer-sibling would be pretty useful right about now? Anyone have any similar traditions in their life they'd like to share?


  1. That would be awesome! A Writer's Society... I love it.

  2. In one respect that would be extremely beneficial, but on the flip side I wouldn't want to be judged based on who my sibling was. I would want my work assessed independent of that relationship, and I fear it might not be. I have an older brother and have suffered the injustice of unfair comparisons.

  3. Susan -- I rather enjoy the idea as well.

    DL -- I hadn't thought of that,the possibility that one might be judged on one's writing sibling. Certainly food for thought.