Friday, September 3, 2010


For this weekend's selection, since I'm moving to an Undisclosed Location and therefore short on time for Moments of Awesome Geniusness, I've decided to share the love and point out other moments of Awesome Geniusness I've watched others have lately. Spreading the love.

Tamara Heiner wrote a great post on the nursing of an MS. It's clever and insightful. Go check it out.

The brilliant Nathan Bransford did a great post that finally explained High Concept in language that
I (and consequently my band of MS typing monkeys) could understand. Check it out. Since he's been very brilliant lately, he also did a great post on First Ideas. Check it out too.

And Pimp My Novel ran a nice post the other day about meeting deadlines, which is good thing to do in writing and in everyday life. Check it out.

I hope these are interesting and helpful to you. And, you know what, if you've seen interesting and useful around the Internet lately (or in the last decade, if you happen to still have the link saved -- and if you do, respect) feel free to post the link in the comments section. Share the love. :-)

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