Sunday, June 20, 2010


The charming Tessa from Tessa's Blurb was kind enough to think of me for the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you, dearie. :)

For the award, I'm supposed to post 7 true things about myself. I hope they amuse you.

1) The Other One and I once convinced the younger brother of a close friend that we had a triplet named Elizabeth. We took turns pretending to be Elizabeth, ourselves, and each other, which I'm sure didn't make it any easier for him to figure us out. We kept the charade going for a month and a half until he was about to introduce me to other people as Elizabeth. Then we decided it might be going a tad far.

2) Once, in my younger days, I put a friend in a locker and helped put some other people in lockers as well. Including The Other One. And my best friend. And school librarian. Twice. And the vice principle. (It's not as heinous as it sounds, I promise. It was part of a tradition. And I hopped into a locker myself while this was all going on. What can I say, we geeks at my Junior High were a little strange.)

3) I discovered earlier this month through a link someone sent The Other One online that we might secretly be Canadian citizens. I don't know for sure, because that would involve forms and documents and getting the government to look into things, but that greatly amuses me.

4) I have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the first four Harry Potter books (did you know the first word Harry actually says in the series is 'Nearly'? yeah, I'm that geeky) and the first four seasons of The West Wing. And I'm getting there with the first four seasons of Bones. (Okay, what is it with me and the number four?)

5) I honestly do not remember the last time I got more than two inches cut off my hair. I have a feeling it was more than 3.5 years ago but less than 6, but any more specific time approximation alludes me. This fact does not prevent people from asking me for that information on a semi-regular basis.

6) I don't watch movies. I mean, I go to the cinema with my family when we're all together or with friends if we all have spare time, but left to my own devices, I tend not to seek movies out. I do not have a Top 250 movies list. I couldn't name 250 movies if someone paid me to.

7) On the other hand, if someone paid me to, I could recite all 50 US states in under 5 minutes. In alphabetical order. Yep, I've got skills.

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  1. Thank you Dearest. I love all your 'true's. Especially the one about being Canadian. That sounds like fun. And being a triplet. I always wanted a twin just so I could get away with stuff and blame the other.

  2. Thanks so much for sending the award my way! And congrats on receiving it yourself! Number one cracked me up. That poor kid. :)

  3. Thank you! And I so want to see a vlog of #7. You must demo your mad skillz. :)

  4. Thanks for the award!

    I'm with you on #6- I don't watch a whole lot of movies at all. Although I did see Toy Story 3 yesterday- my first Imax movie. It was cute!

  5. Thanks :) You're such a sweetie, and it sounds like you were pretty mischievous growing up. I too want to see a vlog of #7.

  6. What a list! I wish my life were as exciting. I wish I had an Other One. :)

    Thanks for the award, Dominique!

  7. Whoo-hoo! what a fun award! thanks for giving it to me! I'm so awful w/ awards, but this one is fun. I think I'll actually do it!

  8. Number one is freaking hilarious! I think that is awesome. Thanks so much for the award, apparently I am doubly versatile.

  9. Piedmont -- My pleasure. Word of warning about Other Ones, sometimes, they like to come back and blame things on you. They're cheeky like that.

    Roni -- De nada. I think he recovered reasonably well from that trick, though he never quite got the hang of telling us apart.

    Elena -- My pleasure. You know, if I ever figure out how to vlog on this computer, I might just demo that skill.

    Stephanie -- I've heard Toy Story 3 is good. I'll have to go see it. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Tiana -- Well, everyone's got to get into a little mischief every now and then, I'd say.

    Davin -- I'm sure you've got into some exciting mischief. My pleasure.

    Tamara -- I hope you do. I'd love to see your truths.

    Girl -- My pleasure. Congrats on the versatility. :)