Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Sound in Silence

Yeah, there's been radio silence on my end for a while now. I meant for that to happen, but I'm starting to feel like a negligent bum letting the blog go down for more than a week.

So, to fill the void, some updates and musings. Sorry, this isn't a super-serious post, because I'm just that inadequate, but c'est la vie. Anywho...

I've broken 50k on Miss Snitch. Yep. I've made it all the way through my goal for the month. So, I guess I get to feel spiffy about that. ^_^ (I really wish emoticons here expressed more emotion, or just looked more like faces. Because sometimes, I'd like to give a little peak at my expression, and :D doesn't always seem to cut it.)

Anyway, I've got about 6k or so to go on this draft, I figure. But, then again, history has shown that I have exactly no skill at predetermining word counts, so we'll see how this one goes. But, that shouldn't take another lifetime.

In other news, I've determined that I need to shelve The Thief Book. Quite frankly, taking the time to get some space just showed me that while I knew what it would take to fix up the beginning and middle into decent shape, I still didn't know what to do to get myself happy with the ending. And, well, I'm not sure how I feel about sinking a month or more into a project I know I'm not going to be happy with. Maybe, one day, I'll figure out what ending I want, and then I'll revisit it. But, for the time being, it's on hold.

How about you guys? Any progress on the WIP front? How are the revisions and such coming? Any good news out there in the blogosphere?


  1. I haven't touched either WIP for at least two weeks. The whole Christmas thing. I'm waiting for school to start back up so the Small One will be gone for three hours. It's driving me crazy not being able to write.

  2. Piedmont -- Well, I hope school starts up soon then, though Small One probably won't appreciate that sentiment.

  3. My revisions are slow, but they are coming along. I think that's good news. I guess I can't complain. Congrats on making so much progress on Miss Snitch. I love that title, by the way.

  4. Susan -- Thanks. I'm glad the revisions are coming along, if slowly. Slow and steady wins the race, or so I'm told.