Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Happy Hiatus

In light of my intention to spend the upcoming holiday season surrounding my family, friends, and a great deal of food, I will not be following my regular posting schedule. I intend to continue reading and commenting on blogs, but I shall not be posting.

I hope that during this holiday season you are all very well and just where you would wish to be at this point in time.



  1. I wish you a very happy healthy holiday season. Drive safely and take long naps. It helps with the digestion.

  2. I hope you got back home ok! That snow storm sounds quite serious. Enjoy your holidays!

  3. Piedmont -- I certainly like the long naps suggestion.

    What -- I got back before the storm really hit. Shoveling this morning was annoying, but the snow is pretty. I trust it isn't snowing where you are. ;)

  4. We ended up with 6" in the Piedmont where I live. My ex shoveled out for me. My mother is stuck in Rhode Island with nary a plane in sight for her return trip. I hope that will teach her not to travel so close to Christmas.

  5. Piedmont -- Ooh, that's unfortunate. A few friends of mine got stuck in airports. That's why I love traveling on road or on the train.