Thursday, May 21, 2009

Machete Revisions

Okay, I did it. I have officially read through the entirety of my previously shelved MS **performs ridiculous dance of victory and joy**. God reading it took a while. I haven't actually done the whole rewriting bit -- and that'll take a it, because I'm adding a previously undreamed of subplot -- but hopefully it'll be a better story because of it. Most of what I did reading through was seek and destroy the redundant bits and the overused adverbs. And I marked off where I'm inserting my scenes of my subplot. Yay!

I noticed something interesting. Some pages suffered brutally from my blue pen (yes, that's right, I use blue) whereas others were only minimally scathed. And I can't tell which I preferred. I always felt that the passage had been very much improved after I hacked it up, so sometimes an almost untouched section made me feel like I might be missing the flaws. I've been trying to comfort myself that maybe those passages are just good parts, but I'm not so sure.

Well, anyway, simple joys, I am now ready to begin rewriting. So, this are about to get better. Happiness. :-)

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  1. Hope the subplots work out well. I need to add some of those to my novel soon.