Friday, May 20, 2011

Weird = Good?

Sorry, I'm not going to be scintillating today. I know, this is starting to sound like the worst comeback ever. But, for necessary reasons, as a result of yesterday, I am in a certain amount of physical discomfort. (I'm totally fine. I'm just also a total wuss.) I also spent yesterday not thinking about this blog.

But something did occur to me this morning about yesterday. I realized that while I was sore and loopy yesterday, the rational part of my mine was saying, "You have to remember this. It's good empirical experience to draw on when you're writing."

This is not the first time I've had the reaction to a situation.

Is this just me? Whenever some weird/new thing happens, do you start thinking, I need to store this up so I can use it in a book?


  1. Oh yeah. All the time. I'ts what makes your characters real.

  2. Every time I get one of those deep in my stomach chills, like after a near-miss car accident, or when looking down off a high building, I try to remember how that felt for later. So, yeah, weird=good. :)

  3. Anne -- Very true.

    Tere -- You just reminded me of the movie Stranger Than Fiction, when Emma Thompson's character "researches" a scene in her book by standing on her table and imagining it's a precipice. That's another way of figuring it out.