Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm Back!

Hi all. I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. I'm back from Canada. It's great to see you all again. I spent most of Independence Day in transit (you'd be surprised how many places you can get to and from on a national holiday), but at least I spent some of that transit time with family.

The wedding was lovely. My cousins are very much in love, the kind of thing that makes you happy to see or think about. Family's the best, and not to boast, but I've got some pretty wonderful relations.

I had an interesting time going through customs this trip. On my way into Canada, I presented my US passport to the customs agent, and we had a special conversation. (The Other One claims I must have brought this out in the customs guy, because she had a wonderful time going through customs. But I'm inclined to blame him.)

Customs Guy: What is the purpose of your trip to Canada?

Me: Pleasure. My cousin's getting married.

Customs Guy: In Canada?

Me: Yes.
(Note: at this point, I'm not even thinking of Sarcastic things in my head, such as, "No, actually, the wedding's in Portugal, but I'm stopping in Vancouver to do a little shopping en route." I'm not always sweet as cherry pie, but I think I take a time change and travel bureaucracy pretty well.)

Customs Guy: (Aggressively) Why?

Now, a lifetime of experience going to and from Canada's taught me not to tick off a customs official. After all, that's a sure way to get your passport flagged or get stuck somewhere while they check your bag for 'undeclared produce.'

Still, at this point, it's tempting to give a really sarcastic answer, such as, "Well, getting married in Canada seemed the most efficient way to procure girls for the white slave trade. Family business, you know?"
I went with something a little subtler.

Me: They're Canadian, and they live here.

Though, I suppose there's the answer my relations suggested. Me: (Plaintively) Because they love each other very, very much.
Also true and would probably have been more fun to say to a customs guy. Could've given a nice show to the family in the next line.

Anyway, I hope you're having a great day and not being stopped unnecessarily by government officials or rampaging Canadians. Not that Canadians would ever go on a rampage, I'm sure. :-D


  1. Aside from the customs incident, it sounds like you had a great time. I'm so glad.

  2. That is simply hilarious that he would stop and ask you such a silly question. ??? can't get why it matters why they're getting married in Canada!

  3. Susan -- I did. I'll just file the customs incident under Amusing Travel Anecdotes. Sometimes things are worth the frustration for the storytelling value.

    Tamara -- It might have been the American passport in my hand. I guess he was wondering, "At what point did they stop performing marriages in the US that they need to come to Canada." But, then again, who wouldn't want to be married in Canada?