Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day. (Think Independence Day, but for Canadians. Hey, everyone deserves a national day.)

In a somewhat fitting manner, as you read this, I'm probably in transit to Canada to celebrate the upcoming (read: occurring tomorrow and I'm very excited about it) nuptials of my cousin Sacha and his fiancee, Sukhia. I'm so happy for them. Sacha and Sukhia, if you're reading this (can't imagine that you are, but it's still true), I love you and wish you endless joy. Congratulations.

Now, to all Canadians (or those who are Canadian at heart): Happy Canada Day!

To everyone: I'm including this video, because it's highly amusing and, in many ways, accurate. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Ha ha, I loved the video :) Have fun at the wedding! (And BTW, their names are really cool.)

  2. Tiana -- I've got to concur, they do have great names. The wedding was lovely.