Thursday, July 9, 2009


After hearing a lot about confidence in the blogosphere lately, I thought I'd mention my little confidence booster from today.

A friend and unfortunate beta reader of mine noticed an outline for yet another story and chided me that I spread myself out over too many projects. She says I'll never finish anything. Then she asked about the werewolf book.

Oh, the werewolf book. That unfortunate foray into storytelling enjoys an almost permanent spot on my shelf as I struggle to make it better than it is. (I secretly fear that I'd have to scrap half of it or more to make it anything.) I told her it was shelved because it needed editing.

"But it was my favorite so far," she told me.

Internally, I performed a dance of joy. 'Yay! Someone said something nice about it!' (Observe as my psyche skims over the potential negative spins of that sentence.)

She agreed to read it for me, much to my joy. She'll probably regret those foolish words when I drop the 62K words onto her lap, but c'est la vie.

For now, I smile. :D

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  1. Confidence is SO important! That is the best to know someone loves your work. Congrats! And keep at it. :)