Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Ultiamte Villian

Last night, my brother and I had an interesting conversation. The topic -- who is the best Disney villain.

A few bad-guys (and one bad woman) were dismissed, as the weren't really villains. We figured that to count as a real villain, a person needs to have his own goals and motivations, not just be a force in the way of the good guys (and gals) getting what they want. So, there went the step mother from Cinderella and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

Another benefit of the goals and motivations rule is that it deletes the bad guy who wants to do evil for the sheer sake of doing evil. Really, how often does a real world bad guy say, "Nope, there wasn't anything I wanted to accomplish other than doing some evil. Just felt like it." People usually do want something at the end of the day.

Bonus evil points if you don't have to be warned from the beginning that someone is evil. (Sorry Frollo -- Hunchback of Notre Dame -- if you're actions aren't menacing enough for your actions to be the tip off that you're evil, then you aren't doing the evil thing well enough.)

My brother went with Scar from The Lion King. It's a good pick (even skipping over the goose-stepping hyenas, which add a whole new level of creepy if you notice it). After all, he does kill his own brother, and on the heinously evil scale, that's pretty high up there. And he convinces the protagonist that his father's death is his own fault, causing Simba to run away, allowing Scar to claim they both had died -- again, heinously evil. Heck, Scar's so evil that he changes all the weather, pollutes to pride lands, and drives away all the food.

Anyone else know of good villain criteria? What makes for a really good bad guy?
Who is everyone else's pick for Ultimate Bad Guy/Girl?


  1. Oh, yes - Scar *shudders* that would be my vote as well. That whole Hitler scene w/ the hyenas marching and him swearing to take over the world ... that's a bad dude.

  2. This is an excellent post!!! I may have to do something about this. I'm always wondering what makes a good villain so good......

    I LOVE Scar. He is truly truly bad. I think one of my favorites is Skinner from Ratatouille. He's just mean and selfish, and anybody who gets in the way of good food is just EVIL. Haha. :D