Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Bad

Hi guys. I'm terribly sorry, but I'm about to be an utterly useless blogger. NaNo's been kicking me while I'm down lately, because it's overlapping with a bunch of other stuff in my life. I'm keeping up with the NaNo-ing, but it's absorbing most of my non-real-world time, and it's totally zapped my creative powers for the moment. So, sadly, I have little to offer you today.

In trade, I offer you this image. It's not super funny, and I was originally hoping to let you off with a laugh, but the second I saw it, it struck me.

First of all, it's visually clever, and I like that. Second, it's so charmingly succinct. Third, it totally calls to mind the situation of my MC and Male Lead from my NaNo project. If there were stars math equations going on in the background, it would be perfect, actually.

Ever happen to you? You're moseying through life, see something, and think, "MC would love that," or "that totally describes MC's situation"? Doesn't always happen to be, but when it does, I think it's really cool.

Now, since I've been talking about me for a while, tell me, how have you been doing? How are your projects coming along, NaNo or otherwise? Anyone up to anything interesting?

Also, since I feel bad for robbing you of the funny, here's another comic. And this one has math. :) (Only time I've ever said that with joy.)Enjoy ...


  1. Ha! I've actually seen my kids have to do homework like that. It's crazy. Anyway, have a good break and hope you get lots of writing done.

  2. It's all good...and almost expected during Nano!

    Loved the comic! It was so appropriate since I spent all day in a statistics class today. :)

  3. Love the comics. I see stuff my mcs would like all the time.

    I finished NaNo.... it's crazy.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Susan -- I hope you're writing is going well as well.

    DL -- Ooh, Statistic is heinous. You have my pity.

    Melissa -- Congrats on finishing NaNo. That's gotta feel good. :)